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Flutist and composer


« Meditation Fardâ »

for solo flute and ney 

By the Iranian composer Alireza Mashayekhi.

The work is played in world creation in the presence of the composer and is dedicated to Kouchyar Shahroudi

Friday, April 6th, 2007

Halle aux Toiles, Rouen (France)

« Suite safar »

for flute and orchestra

Composer and soloist Kouchyar Shahroudi

Direction : Dominique Togni

I- Prelude

II- Meditation (solo flute)

III- For a ceremony

IV- Dance of the dervich (flute and orchestra)

June 2008 le Havre (France)

« Niayesh (prayer) »

for solo flute

Composer and soloist :

Kouchyar Shahroudi

« Programme extract »

« The classic Cabaret of France Musique »

Dedicated to the composer Anthony Girard.

Presented live and in the public by Jean-François Zygel

With Maria-Carmen Barboro: piano

With Maria-Carmen Barboro: piano


(solo flute)

IV-Dance of the dervich

(flute and orchestra)

Niayesh (prayer)

(for solo flute)

Meditation Fardâ

( for solo flute)

Programme extract

(The classic Cabaret of France Musique)

« Suite n°2 in B minor »
by Johan Sebastien Bach

Flute, Kouchyar Shahroudi
Violins, Oswald Sallaberger -

Elena Cheneau
Viola, Patrick Dussart
Violoncello, Jacques Perez

Double bass, Baptiste Andrieu
Harpsichord, Oriol Cruixent  

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Théâtre Des Arts, Rouen (France)  

Extract in concert :

Polonaise - Menuet - Badinerie