Flutist and composer

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Listen to the (ney) reed flute,

how it tells a tale complaining of separation Saying,

«Ever since I was separated from the reed

bed my lament has caused man and woman to moan,

I want a bosom torn by severance,

that I may unfold the pain of love desire,
Every one who is left far from his source

wishes back the time when he was united with it,

In every company I uttered my wailful notes,

I consorted with the unhappy and with them that rejoice,
Everyone became my friend from his own opinion;

none sought out my secrets from within me,

My secret is not far from my plaint,

but ear and eye lack the light (to apprehend it) Body is not veiled from soul nor soul from body, yet none is permitted to see the soul».

This noise of the reed is fire, it is not wind;

whoso has not this fire may he be naught!

Tis the fire of Love that is in the reed,

tis the fervour of love that is in the wine.

The reed is the companion of everyone who has been parted from a friend:

its strains pierced our hearts.
Who ever saw a poison and an antidote like the reed?

Who ever saw a sympathiser and a longing lover like the reed?

The reed tells of the Way full of blood and recounts stories of the passion of Majnun.

According to Jalal eddin Rumi, Persian poet and sage of the 13th century, founder of the Mawlawi sufi order, more known as  whirling dervishes.

Kouchyar SHAHROUDI © 2010 / photograph : David Morganti   
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